Robin Moss

Account Manager

Nickname: Robeeno, Ralph or Rob

Robeeno was given to me by Jill Stults. Ralph was given to me by my Grandfather on my father’s side. I don’t know why…. And Rob is currently used when someone wants something!! LOL

52 Words:

I am a loyal Pittsburgh Steelers fan and have been ever since I was in high school. I love spending time with my family and friends. I am a social butterfly. Although I am not popular, I only have a few close and dear friends. I am known for my deviled eggs.

Motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Purpose: I am passionate about helping others. It gives me joy to know I brought light to someone’s day!
Secret: I am a true redhead.
Family: I am not married, but in a relationship of over 23 years. I have 2 adult children. I have 3 grandkids and one grand pup.
Pets: My roommates have a dog. I do not have pets of my own, but I do pet and house sit for others.
Pet-Peeve: People who are racist or discussing politics.
Superpower: Teleportation because driving takes too long to get where I want to go.
Famous Look-a-like: I was told I look like Meryl Streep.
Favorite Fictional Character: Peter Pan
Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Cocoa Pebbles
Favorite Movie: Must Love Dogs
Favorite Book: Robinhood
Favorite Getaway: Cancun
Favorite Quote:

"An excuse only satisfies the person making it!" - Handed down by my USMC Father.