Family Means the World to Us

From the desk of CEO Jill Stults

This has been a year of transformation. Our priorities have shifted, our work and social lives are remote, safety and self-care have been moved to the top of our lists. You, our customers, have been constantly on our minds and we wanted to check in on you.

Bagley has been a family-owned business for many decades. Our priority has always been, and will always be, focused on people. People who have been the backbone of our company and those like you who have been instrumental to our success. We thank you for your loyalty. And in the tradition of keeping you at the forefront of all we do, we wanted to inform you about something we’ve been working on. A new way to communicate and serve you, our valued customer. And we’ve got a lot to share!


In a few weeks we will roll out Bagley Insider, a unique form of communication which will ignite excitement, engagement and energy within our industry. Bagley Insider will provide a fresh perspective on new trends, hot topics and inspirational ideas. (There may even be some deals and discounts thrown in there too.) Uniquely, Bagley Insider will take you behind the scenes to show you how products are made and guide you to the right fit for your company’s needs. It will also let you get to know us a little better. Our team. Our leadership. And our supply chain that brings you the quality products you have come to expect from us.

During this new journey, we welcome your feedback. We actually encourage it. One in which generates a conversation to discover what is important to you and helps us understand how to serve you better. In 2020, we’ve been spending more time with family, so what better way to welcome 2021 than to spend more time with our “work family” as well? Bagley Insider is on the horizon. Thank you for standing by us this year.

— The Bagley Team

Jill Stults