4 Woolly Hacks to Warm Your Winter

Spreading Warmth

Winter Vibes: Cozy evenings, soft sweaters, pretty coats, hot chocolate and an overdose of coffee and soup. January is in full swing. We are back to work and school and are pushing through this toasty new year with gusto. As a mom and CEO, I bring to you a few beneficial, woolly hacks.

1. Reverse Your Fans:

Warm air rises while cold air settles at the bottom. In the summer months, a ceiling fan pushes air down and creates circulation, keeping you cool. During the winter, it is a good idea to reverse the direction of the fan. In the reverse direction, the fan pulls the cold air up and pushes the warmer air down through the edges of the room.

2. Let the Sun Shine:

Open the curtains and welcome the sunlight. Make the most out of this free heat. The rays may not be as vibrant as summer months, but you can still benefit from it. When the sun goes down, close the curtains. It will serve as an added layer of insulation over your windows.

3. Hot Beverages:

Mmmmm! Hot chocolate, tea and coffee. Warm beverages have proven to be healthy. Research shows that chocolate increases oxygen saturation and microcirculation in your skin that helps you stay warm in winter. The benefits of tea can help the feeling of calmness and contentedness. Coffee can be a source of antioxidants that may help lower risk for cardiovascular disease, and coffee intake has been associated with better glucose tolerance in people with diabetes.

4. Layer It Up:

Did you know that overdoing layers makes you feel hot and when you loosen them up, you feel cold? The best layer strategy is to start with the thinnest layer and keep adding heavier ones until you feel warm. The base layer should be made of silk, polyester or a material that wan wick sweat away from your skin. The middle layer should be the insulating layer. It is the workhorse in keeping you warm. Sweaters, hoodies, fleece, down. The outer layer is less likely to keep you warm. This layer blocks wind and rain and should be waterproof. Wear warm socks, double layer them to keep your feet cozy.

This winter is different than others as we have been cooped up for so long. Embrace the cold. Warm yourselves first. Spread warmth to others. And stay healthy and toasty!

— Jill Stults, CEO

Jill Stults