7 Ideas for Making Virtual Conferences a Reality

Going Virtual: Part 2

As live events have been put on hold and the virtual event concept is still relatively new to many event professionals, Virtual Engagement has been one of the biggest struggles throughout this transition. Corporate America is getting creative. And we have researched this topic extensively to pass along some information to you. 

We noticed that printing has increased. Event goers want something tangible while attending virtually. They love receiving their printed event schedule and event gear — polos, hats, padfolio, drink wear and pens — directly to their door. And they really like earning swag rewards for participating. Interesting, but not surprising, they also like any virtual interaction that is creatively provided.

With all of that being said, below are some examples of what companies and organizations are doing to increase excitement for their conference attendees.

1. Pre-Show Mailers:

Save the Date announcements that encourage registration and itinerary teasers are popular. A refrigerator magnet is one option or a nice card with a QR code that takes you to a link.

2. Virtual Swag Selection:

Send a visual of their swag and let them choose! The attendee receives a voucher, goes to a link and can customize their own swag bag.

3. Event Swag Surprise:

Attendee receives an unexpected package at their door with conference gear and a nice note card welcoming them, ”We look forward to seeing you Monday afternoon at our conference kick-off opening session.”

4. Kitting & Direct Fulfillment Service:

A conference kit arrives at each attendee’s door with everything they need for the week: agenda, note pad, pen, shirt and virtual wayfinding map. A seamless delivery including a thank you note and welcome message.

5. Participation Rewards:

Attendees receive incentives for participating in or interacting during the conference such as visiting virtual booths, asking questions and attending breakout sessions. They receive points to redeem gift cards, movie tickets, music downloads, free coffee, etc.

6. Banners and Backdrops for Presenters:

A very important part of planning a virtual event is to make it seem like it’s not virtual. One way to pull this off is a nice backdrop. Investing in this will pay off later.

7. Post Show Survey:

Don’t forget to ask for feedback after the event ends. This can be done via an online survey or an interactive game on your website.

The Bagley team is all about delivering excellence for our clients. From the concept phase to post-delivery feedback. We would love to talk to you about your event and how we can enhance your virtual conference experience by developing a right-fit program for you.

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Jill Stults